(Ground floor – Building NO.1 (Seyed-Al-Shohada

Head of ward: Ha.Azari519@

   Tel: 00982164352585 ext. 66509057

MRI  : MCI  1.5 Tesla (active)  and  1.5 Tesla intra  (inactive)

CT Scan : Toshiba 16 slice  (actaive) , GE 4 slice (inactive)

Fluoroscopic and ultrasound machines (Routine – Intrusion- Voloson)

Color and digital radiologies are common; 24-hour services are provided to each client.


At this center all specialized and routine imagings are admitted.

Accept your patients with problems:

All patients who need imaging (MRI-CT, radiology and sonography).

Ward’s rules :


Prepared based on request.

Active  for 24 hours a day

Emergency and hospitalized patients are on top priority