Breast Department

Breast Department

Breast Department is supervised by breast fellowship consultant and the specialist  team. All cancer surgeries are performed here after multidisciplinary consultation and cancer patient takes the best surgical procedures for conserving surgery to save her breast with best cosmetic result and after that for chemotherapy and radiotherapy the oncologist team are ready for preparing the best care. All cosmetic surgeries and different type of reconstructive surgeries after masotectomy are performed in this high professional center.

We have 3 types of breast surgeries

1- Benign and Malignant (cancer) surgeries

Sentinel node biopsy by Gama probe

Onco plastic breast  surgery type I , II

Onco reduction mamoplasty

2- Reconstructive breast surgery

Implant base reconstruction

Autologus breast reconstruction

3- Cosmetic surgery, Reduction Mamoplasty

Augmentation Mamoplasty (Implant)

Fat injection